Notice CleanCo/Esteam/Fibreclean acquired by Aramsco



I guess now we know where Scott's Canadian Oriental Rug class will be held.

I wonder how being a truck mount manufacturer will affect the brands sold by Interlink.
Cleanco direct drive truckmounts were at one time a nice rig, I don't know now. Esteem has the classic ninga portable line (the old century 400 design). Great unit. It makes me feel so dam old thinking about all the manufacturers that are gone now.
Hopefully they will open another fibreclean in the vancouver area again. Last one here was bought out and disappeared. Always need more competition
What exactly is a Fibreclean?
Carpet cleaning supplier. When they opened up here they brought a higher level of professionalism. Good products, equipment and training as well as customer support. Unfortunately, they were bought out by another supplier and must have signed a do not compete clause or something. The next closest one is 4 hours away.
Unfortunately, Cleanco and I have never had much of a relationship. They, rather half heartedly, paid for me to go to St. Petersburg last year, but I think that had more to do with TCS than Cleanco. They never showed any interest in promoting their brand.

Their TMs are good though.
10 years from now there will be Legend Brands, Interlink, Jon Don, and Butler. That's it.

Not a joke.
10 years from now there will be Legend Brands, Interlink, Jon Don, and Butler. That's it.

Not a joke.
I fear that day ! Jon Don was once a low cost provider, now they are just another over-priced "Interlink". In fact Armosco / interlink could buy Jon Don and screw it up too. There will alway be a ton of mom & pop suppliers as the investment required to open the doors is very low and the margins are high. Put together $150-200 grand and you can open a supply house and compete quite well. Plus you need less people than a 2-3 truck carpet cleaning business.

In my market we have lost 3 suppliers that I once bought from in the last 7-8 years or so. Now there is a Interlink 2 miles from my home and I hardly ever go there. So over priced you feel like you are being financially sodomized. If I need something right away due to my own poor planning / delay in ordering I drive the 56 miles round trip just to avoid Interlink and grab 2-3 cases. That can take 2 hours in traffic or an hour if you hit it just right. Most of my stuff is ordered in bulk from places where I get free shipping. Having a bit more tied up in inventory is worth it's weight in gold.
Just out of curiosity, does anyone have a complete list of what Aramsco owns? Cause I think it goes WAY beyond just our Industry. I know they are a major player in safety gear aswell....