Cobra dude can teach us a lesson on being a You Tube star..

Jim Pemberton

MB Exclusive.
Oct 7, 2006
Jim Pemberton
The whole revulsion, danger, fear thing attracts a lot of attention. There are different sorts of reptile lovers:

1. The geeky crazy kind that have houses full of constrictors and venomous snakes, some of which end up being hoarders. These guys would love these videos.

2. The outdoorsy guys who like to see them in the wild, and leave them there. They equally appreciate a nice stand of trees, a sunrise, watching eagles soar, etc (me). I haven't watched his videos, and probably won't. They hold little interest for me.

But my guess is most viewers are those who are neither, but are in that "fascinated and repelled" category that secretly hope he'll get bit and they can watch him die.

For carpet cleaner's videos, stick to puppies and kittens.

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