Coming along slowly..

What would make it illegal
No lettering.

Gotta be 2 feet wide by I think 10 inches tall both sides of vehicle on all commercial vehicles. Just the name or logo is enough I believe.

They pull unlettered vehicles over if they appear to be work related or should be registered commercial.

I was stopped once before I got mine lettered. Real strict here.

Mikey P

the rear profile pic......
is that parking lot crooked or does your van sag on driver's side??
Are there several hundred more pounds of wt stacked on that side?
(not including the 260+ pounds of dead wt in the driver's seat....)
what do you weight??

or is the sag I'm seeing just a peculiarity of pic framing and/or parking lot??


Good catch, the vaccum is actually missing parts, they ran out of reflective vinyl