Constant roof leak...

Got called to a water damage roof leaking. Water standing on roof due to stopped up drains. The leaks are constant and we continue to extract water daily and have had dehus and air movers set up for 7 days to save the rest of the building. Finally stopped leaking today and it’s pouring rain again right now. Equipment rental is going to be expensive but what’s the best way for charging for daily water extraction?? Hourly or what? Daily emergency service call charge daily? Anyone dealt with this? Thanks
That's going to be a nasty bill.

They couldn't get the drains cleared?

As far as extraction billing show it per day, per hour. Same with emergency services.

A lot of equipment or just a handful? Any concerns about mold?
I'd make sure you do a good job of inspection. Don't allow yourself to be blamed for their mold. Be sure it is dry or if there is mold that they know about it.
No they’ve yet to get drains cleared. 3 dehus and about 12 air movers. Not much concern for mold. Has a drop ceiling which has been removed along with wet insulation. We’re trying to keep it contained to one side of the building.
Would you charge the emergency service call for everyday? We were there all weekend as well. Could turn out to be a like 12 -15 day event depending on rain. Adjuster came and saw water continuing to come into building
Yes, I would.

If it's unavoidable then not much they can do but pay it. We are just about finished with a bank that had two levels saturated. A water fountain feed line broke and ran from Saturday night to Sunday AM.

60 plus units drying for over a week. Carpet was dry in 2 days. Removing damaged dry wall, drying walls and structure. I'm sure the adjuster freaked but the bank was very appreciative with the response and the service.