Couldn't believe it


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Oct 22, 2012
New Westminster,BC
Ron Marriott
I had an evening job today with both carpets and tiles. Earlier, I had 2 portable jobs so I removed some items from my little truck to make room for the portable. Nice lazy day, with 2-$200 jobs and I'm done by 1 pm. Go back to the shop, unload the portable and load up all of my carpet and tile gear and presprays. Get to the job 1/2 hour early, call the maintenance guy to open the building for me, open the back door of the truck and realize I have left my fresh water line at the shop. Have to drive back to the shop through rush hour traffic, sure enough, there's an accident on the bridge. Get my hose and boot it back to the job. The maintenance guy was very understanding and help pull hoses on the job. Was blown away by how clean the carpets came, (code Red) and loved the tile spinner. Long, long day but worth it in the end. Just got back to the shop and dumping the truck and having a beer. The maintenance guy is responsible for 3 more large buildings. Probably going to be seeing him again.

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