Da King!


Jim Pemberton

MB Exclusive.
I'm sure Marty and company will remind you that you are still mortal Mikey.

So, with no fear that my observations will swell your self confidence further:

Let me point out that the customer didn't say how nice everything turned out (I'm sure it did). That's because people expect stunning results when they hire ....any cleaner....not just Mikey.

What impresses most customers is measurable levels of care: Corner guards, floor protection, professional communication, etc.

I want to a seminar more years ago than I'll admit, and the instructor asked who in the room has the highest quality service or product. Of course all hands went up. Then he asked how easy that was for the average customer to measure.

After some discussion, he said that its difficult to measure quality, but easy to measure service.

I never forgot that lesson, and this story bears that out.