Do you want to be a schlep the rest of your cleaning career?

Mikey P

Oct 6, 2006
The High Chapperal
Never in the history of mankind has a learning experience this incredible ever presented itself to the professional cleaning industry

You, your techs or your salesperson will be able to take the SINGLE BEST CLASS for our industry ever invented….. AND....and...AND… have the amazing privilege to go clean over 50 pieces of furniture with legendary fabric specialists Jim Pemberton, Scott Warrington and Chandler Thompson at the Nashville Ronald McDonald House, to practice all what you just learned in Jim’s amazing class. >>>>POW!<<<<<

Jim Pemberton's Fabric Pro Specialist is without a doubt the best structured course to better prepare the student for working in higher end homes and businesses. Even if you seldom or never clean furniture, if you want to establish yourself as the “Go To” professional in your market share, you NEED to attend this class!

For more information on the course, click here:

and be sure to visit for info on how to attend this #legendary event.

Jim Pemberton

MB Exclusive.
Oct 7, 2006
Jim Pemberton
I'm not sure who talks to who more these days, Davis and Jim or Lee and myself...
Davis and I have this bond....

I'm someone he can talk to about unexpected stuff happening on a cleaning job without upsetting his dad.

And Davis reminds me of my younger self:

Both in working for a well known father with high expectations, and in navigating the single life amongst crazy women.

I just hope he doesn't wait until he's in his late 50's to outgrow that stage :lol:

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