Glad yesterday is over


Boy Sprout
Feb 4, 2016
It was a long day. First I was molested by my Doc. She ambushed me. I thought I was just going in to talk about my blood work. Nope, she got me. Turns out I'm pretty healthy. No diabetes signs and everything working as it should. She did tell my my cholesterol is a little high at 130. She wants me to get it under 100. Guess I need to figure something out. Will Paragliding help lower it?

Then it was off to my first job. It turned out to be a 6-hour-9-gallon-urine-loving-$700-jobber. Thank you Centrumforce UTurn for assisting me in the help with my urine mess on white carpet. After that job I was pretty shaky. The combination of not eating or drinking anything, being molested by my doc, and 6 hours of urine flushing was taking a toll on me.

After some Taco Bell, a brief rest at home, and some Game of Thrones, I headed out to my 10pm Mongolian restaurant job. On this job I used the ultrapac extreme and prescrubbed with my Cimex. This place is pretty much a grease pit. I was really happy with the results. Used the Zipper SS to extract. I then applied CTI protectant with my Worx sprayer. I was able to get this done solo in 2 hours. The restaurant owner kinda ticked me off. As impressive as my cleaning was, she complained about the cleaning lines the zipper made. I bit my lip.

Back at it again today.
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