Going to give this oil a try.


10-40 is all I've ever run in equipment that never sees temps below 30 (like a TM, pressure washers, lawn and garden, etc)
Valvoline full synthetic with largest capacity oil filter available too

don't know if heavier wt makes a difference good or bad .
I kind of trust the engineers at Honda, Kolher and Briggs specs for the most part

as I see it, what matters most, is using top quality oil (Valvoline is) and changing it regular

It's a Briggs 26 hp. Water cooled heads. I had a thread awhile back about what intervals to change fluids. Many of the guys recommended a high zinc oil. Up till now I've been running NAPA synthetic 10w30
I've been running NAPA synthetic 10w30

wonder who's oil NAPA has private labeled??
I'm reasonably sure it's more than fine.....and if Valvoline, it's the best ...period
also reasonably sure who ever makes it, the only change on the line are the bottles

don't know anything about extra zinc .

They don't make my engine anymore so I've been trying to change every 50hrs or before. I also just changed my blower oil over to Valvoline 75w-140 full synthetic.


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snore, but lets have some fun. Let's get Matt confused and really get this thread going.

If Corn Oil is made from corn, and Olive Oil is made from olives, where does Baby Oil come from?