Guess how much Compound we used on this job..

How long to do all this./
Did you clean all areas and rugs with compound?
Since your charge was 1.00 for some(synthetics) and 3.00 for the delicates . Same service at 3X the price?

Not questioning, just curious
We do that all the time, especially wool area rugs we surface clean in the house with the wand. $3.00 sq ft for an 8x10 that would be $85 if synthetic.

Our rationale is it’s a higher risk and potental for issues if done improperly. Shrinking, bleeding etc.

Most people paid significantly more for wool over synthetic. They expect to pay more to maintain it. Most rarely ask why the difference in price . Just as an oil change on a Kia and a Lamborghini are essentially the same process, you pay a lot more on a high end car. It just cost more to maintain more expensive things, and people get that.
I’ve seen quite a few pallets of host compound at surplus sales. I always bid and sometimes bought the crbs but never even tried the compound. Pallets of it ended up in dumpsters.
I wish I had at least tried it.