Has anyone ever sued a customer for leaving a false, bad review?


Radar Foster

Mr Personality
I love when bridges collapse on internet trolls

There are far too many self important butt hurt nancys out there driven and thirsty for revenge and use the internet as their weapon of choice

I bet she's left a dozen or so other negative reviews on yelp and other sites
she'll come out ahead if true. we had a friend who dealt with something similar far as an experience with a dr.
but in their case it was a childs dr visit.

dr in this case probably figures too simply prolong the ordeal and drain her acct so she cant win. thats what id do and if i was guilty in his situation at this point in the game lol
She expressed opinion and supposition. If he released private information it will be a draw. If a person leaves a negative review they need to stick with the facts. just the facts.