Headed to Vegas, again.

Mikey P

Oct 6, 2006
The High Chapperal
Many of the folks behind the C and the I are tired of being placated over our desire to reinvent how we educated our industry. Most of the volunteers are near or semi retired and have better things to do with their time then hope and pray. We don't have any interest or passion in helping the IRC.
I'm being asked to help form a committee to get things moving, under a recently heavily re-invented and re-staffed Institute.
Ive also been asked to join a committee to create the standards for Resilient Floor Cleaning and Maintenance (S250). My participation of which will be based on the success of the 1st challenge.

Which me luck and success.

bob vawter

Grassy Knoller
Sep 15, 2007
La La Land
bob vawter
Thats the best part Bob, I can run GG from a Lazy Boy...
NO...I was referring to yor comment on capitalism......when you can't buy a gas stove....it WON'T be a free country no more.....

BTW....I read somewhere about teflon offgasin and will be banned as soon
As they can get the bill sponsored!!!!
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