Hey carpet cleaner dudes, how much resilient flooring are you cleaning in homes?

Mike J

Feb 21, 2022
Mike Joannides
HOWDY (practicing)

The amount of multi surfaces to clean took a huge uptick over the last couple years here. The number of new dwellings did not increase much, but the size of existing houses increased by either large additions, or total knockdown and rebuild bigger and "more resilient". IMO, surfaces to clean have doubled with this boom. I have never seen such great opportunity for the future for a seasoned carpet cleaner to cash in on this because we know how to navigate through houses and not get into jams too often. We have an upper hand over cleaners that do not have this experience of slugging away for years and years with a wand. Apply this skill to resilient floors with confidence and education will be such a payoff. 1 - 3 jobs will pay for this course probably with an existing customer.

And the fact that we learn "everything but carpet" with flooring is key. I have litterally been mentioning this to my existing customers and booking them for the last half of October. They are asking me to clean more and I downsell now cause of the hot schedule and people waiting. But I am being transparent and telling them about the Texas trip and they are cheering me on all wanting to be first when I come back. Start tagging some jobs with opportunity.

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