HydraMaster Introduces the Evolution Glided Upholstery Tool


Press Release

June 26, 2018

HydraMaster Introduces the Evolution Glided Upholstery Tool

The Evolution Glided Upholstery Tools has a rotationally molded head with a Delrin® Glide. This durable, rotationally molded tool is lighter than conventional steel upholstery tools, reducing hand and wrist fatigue in upholstery cleaning. The 4" head has a single angled jet spray.

· The cleaning angle of the single jet shears across the fabric rather than directly down onto it reducing your chances of over-wetting.

· The Evolution Glided Upholstery Tool was designed to smooth airflow and boost water recovery performance as compared to the harsh angles of a steel tool. This laminar like airflow design improves airflow, increases extraction performance, and reduces drying time.

· The shape of the tool is ergonomically designed to reduce operator fatigue and ensure proper recovery when cleaning surfaces with unique geometry.

· The Delrin® glide is mounted to the rotationally molded tool head for airtight fit and no slippage. This plastic glide is less likely to develop burrs than a steel tool head which could damage delicate upholstery fabrics. Also, the glide can be replaced when worn. Best of all, the glided head moves across the upholstery fabric better and increases water recovery.

head slit.png new upholstery tool side.png side jet.png

For more information, on the EVOLUTION GLIDED UPHOLSTERY TOOL, visit www.hydramaster.com

For more information on HydraMaster, contact your local HydraMaster Distributor, visit our web sites at www.hydramaster.com or call us at 1-800-426-1301.

For more information on this press release:

Contact Doyle Bloss, Marketing and Brand Manager for HydraMaster at doyle.bloss@hydramaster.com
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