HydraMaster Introduces the Evolution Glided Upholstery Tool


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Jul 13, 2011
The system would not let me delete posts immediately.
OP? OP it is because only mods+ can delete threads.
Other than that there is a time limit on editing post that allows for one to get some sleep, sober up, etc but keeps people from going all Bob Foster and deleting all their content which screws up continuity.

There is also a history of the edits made that is kept for 6 months+ in case edits are disputed (I just changed this to a longer period).


Deleted threads or post never get truly deleted only removed from public view and remain searchable by mods+. Only I can completely delete a thread. This however shows up in a mod log that others can see so there are checks.

There ya go more than you ever wanted to know about editing/deleting on MB* but it might help understand when there are actual issues to report. Things do get screwed up sometimes.

*since 2014ish. Things were handled differently before.
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