HydraMaster Introduces the Next Generation of the RX20 Rotary Jet Extractor®

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HydraMaster introduced rotary jet extraction® cleaning to the industry 35 years ago with three primary goals: a higher level of cleaning performance in a carpet cleaning wand, faster drying, and reducing fatigue for the cleaning technician. Now HydraMaster is raising the stakes in rotary extractors with the introduction of the RX20 NEXTGEN. Enhancements to the world’s best rotary extractor were made by carefully listening to the input of cleaning and restoration contractors worldwide.

The RX20 NEXTGEN is easier to handle and more comfortable to operate. We have extended your deep cleaning reach and optimized productivity with an on-board crevice tool to vacuum to the edges and corners. Your customer can see extracted water and soil through the site tube in the on-board crevice tool. The handle has been ergonomically enhanced and re-designed for operator comfort. On-board detailed operation instructions make it easier to train new technicians. An additional switch sustains head rotation and allows for operation with left hand only. The RX20 NEXTGEN has a new no-slip handle locking mechanism. Finally, we have streamlined manufacturing processes for better affordability without compromising performance, reliability, and durability.

For more information, on the RX20 NEXTGEN, visit www.hydramaster.com

For more information on HydraMaster, contact your local HydraMaster Distributor, visit our web sites atwww.hydramaster.com or call us at 1-800-426-1301.

About HydraMaster:

HydraMaster is a leading manufacturer of truckmounted and portable carpet and hard surface cleaning and restoration equipment, chemicals, and accessories. The company has been manufacturing for over 45 years and has led the way in innovation, reliability, and longevity in equipment performance in the cleaning and restoration industry. HydraMaster has distributors located throughout North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and China.
not a mention of air flow or the fact that its a soaker out of the box. So that's the "director" of product, honestly that is sad. All those years of production and input back from the field and all they can provide is a detent for handle position and a quick pull to fake the corners and gobble the corner of the baseboards.
My experience is that it is NOT a soaker if maintained and operated correctly. We bought a couple that begged the question "how in the world did they clean the last job with this thing?"

Nothing will outclean it. The hoses to the shoes need to be connected, leak-free, and not clogged with trash. The jet tips need to be recent, less than a decade old. The felts need to be oiled and leak free. I've seen units without them. There's your "soaker".

Because the RX is so sturdy and many are 10 or even 20 years old it can be easy to keep pushing the old girl without care.
I have an old one. Since I’m use to 175s I use the brush head to pre scrub with. The weight is great for that. I bought it used for a song, and have all the heads like the adds used to show. I love the thing, and know I need to go over with a wand. What I need is a zipper for that.:headscratch: Or use the Cimex instead:biggrin:
No mention of what we'd all really like to hear--a weight reduction. Probably no different. But it is a great machine that does a great job--just kinda heavy. What's the list price/street price for this unit?

We used to have glides for it which were pretty cool but expensive and would wear out a lot so now we just lower the pressure and use driers or just CRB and wands--whatever it takes.
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That switching bypass configuration looks pretty good
The edging tool could of been a game changer if executed properly, not much different to just pulling the cuff off
The edging tool is just a round vacuum tube. Can't flush anything with it. Can't really edge with it either. You'll never pull it off except to fix it when it breaks.


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Not quite seeing it. Its always been well respected. Cliff designed it back in the day.

Some silly thoughts...

1. That is NOT a crevice tool. That is a really long and brittle looking sight tube. These will surely cause failures.

2 Still no skirt to contain heat and overspray.

3. Still no speed control.

Looks great. New handle is better. Controls are way better.