I honestly tried to walk.



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I was wondering about the wand because it looks so hammered and crusty, is your prespray doing that?

We used to run vt14 overseas wands, I think they are a westpak knock off... not very expensive but after 6 years of heavy use they still look pretty shiney surprisingly.

I was going to order a new devastator for 1800 or whatever but if it looks like that after a year or 2 idk
Mine is not anodized. It was one of the prototypes. And it looks fine. Just sweaty. Heavily abused and used hard for almost 4 years. Swivel is still within specs.


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It does look a lot better

But I dont get someone trying to flip a house without spending a few $k knowing that they will generally make more by replacing than not.

Admittedly I dont know your property market
I think the mentality is carpet allowance and make it look as good as possible for the walk through!

Because most people buying are going to come in and change flooring anyway!