I'm the most popular cleaner in New Jersey


Boy Sprout
Feb 4, 2016
I have my girl helping me advertise my rug cleaning. I noticed my biz page kept getting likes from people in New Jersey. What the heck is going on here! So, I checked my latest FB ad and discovered it was going out to the wrong locations. My girl swears she set the locations and it must have been some glitch with FB. Ok, we fixed it. I just may relocate to New Jersey though.

While i'm on this subject. I've also started a Google Ad campaign. Google is nutty expensive but I'm hoping for some positive results. I have my Google budget set pretty low, but am hoping to up it as the funds become more available. Right now $5 per day is quoting me about 60 clicks per month. I know it's low, but i'll build it from there. Since i'm in a poorer area of the state, I've set my geographic locations pretty wide. I may need to do a bit of driving to pick up and deliver rugs, but i'll do whatever it takes to get this rolling.


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