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Oct 17, 2009
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Can the tumbler be used with tufted rugs and all those cheap knock-offs that are sold at Wayfair, Pier 1, Home Depot, etc?

T Monahan

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Sep 9, 2012
Ann Arbor, MI
Tom Monahan
Rugs should be examined to see if its construction can sustain a tumble dusting.

Some glue backed rugs are not recommended. However, if a rug is considered as a good candidate, because it seems well constructed, then monitoring the length of time tumbling is wise.

Dry rotted rugs may bang bang around and deteriorate and so should not tumble unless you plan on restoring

Handknotted or woven damaged rugs with holes, dog bites, unraveling, sloppy loose weaves, etc ... should be slipstitched secured in the areas of damage before experiencing the tumbling action.

Some Pakistan rugs, made in production mode, specifically have weak side cord construction. We identify these first, secure them if possible, then let them go for a tumble for a shorter duration of time as compared to others that have no issues to be concerned about.

Rugs with unsecured wefts near warp fringes need to be secured to prevent further damage. A slipstitching is usually sufficient.

Some antique rugs, due to their fragility, may best not go tumbling.

Personally, I do not use a Wolverine Rug Duster on rugs after a Tumble Duster experience. There simply is no need.

For fragile rugs mentioned above, we gently vacuum and air dust before washing.
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