It dawned on me today...

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Sep 9, 2012
Ann Arbor, MI
What wash load can you do a day?
"Can" or capacity for us is measured by the drying room size we have and the floor space availability for flat drying as the need arises.

My heated drying room has fourteen 16' poles. The floor space to flat dry on the floor is 17' by 20'. In a pinch, I also have other places to flat dry in the shop and have a quick rack rug hanging system that currently has 4 poles that are 16' to hang more rugs.

Because the dry room is managed by high heat, and thus has predictable drying times, I could conceivably run two shifts in a day. However, realistically I do not do that volume, but could.

A good single dedicated wash day for us amounts to 25-30 pieces that could translate into somewhere around 1800 or so square feet of rug dusted, washed, rinse, groomed, and hanged to dry.

We have an on-location carpet and furniture cleaning division that allows time to fit in short wash days too throughout any given week. With our Centrum Force suite of equipment, we can have a short wash day and do 5-10 rugs only. This often is done as a complement for the work day that may have only a half day scheduled for on-location carpet and furniture cleaning.

Come and wash with me. Call for scheduling an appointment. It seems just about every month someone flys into DTW or drives in and takes me up on it.

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