It's finally here, Water Proof Carpet

Is this the end of the Water Claw and urine specialists?

If it catches on it could dramatically change how we do our jobs...

and a miracle fiber too!

"In testing, R2X demonstrated superior carpet stain resistance on two levels. First, it provides better initial protection. Second, it allows more time to react to a problem. Another significant benefit of R2X is its effectiveness with polyester and polypropylene fibers. Most polyester and polypropylene carpets have an inherent tendency to attract soil. Topical soil carpet treatments are only "skin deep," and the limited protection they offer wears away after cleaning or normal wear and tear. In contrast, R2X continues to perform well even after repeated cleanings. The performance of nylon, polyester, and polypropylene treated with ordinary systems begins to diminish. And of course, Shaw's warranty protection ensures customer satisfaction, time after time."

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I suspect wicking problems for a lot of cleaners due to lack of airflow thru carpet

the ineptitude of cleaners unable to figure out how to pour water out of a boot is legion

The first post refers to nylon in the diagram, & polyester in the text.

R2X is a water-based flourochemical plus stainresist applied at a lower pH than usual at the mill.
Shaw also makes this for residential under the name of tigressa h2o.
I sell the carpet and highly recommend it as it is a nylon 6 carpet. It has the best of nylon fiber with a waterproof backing.
Sever urine may need to still be water clawed but ordinary urine can be extracted.
The seams are not any more water proof than any carpet because standard installation rules still apply. But 1 seam in a living room does not throw out the baby and the bath water.
In basement concrete situations a regular non water proof carpet would be recommended for the moisture flow.
Wicking issues will still remain for the less than professional cleaners among us, but shouldn't be any more of an issue for us professionals who do a good job.
As far as airflow for the drying of carpet, how much airflow from the subfloor thru the pad and thru the carpet do you think normally occurs? The majority of the airflow and drying will continue to be circulating thru the face fibers and into the room.
Back in the '80s carpet cleaners worried that Stainmaster would put us all out of business if it caught on. Hasn't happened, yet.
My church has a glue down carpet that says flood with water and suck up, no cleaner required. It does clean extremely well. Destroyed the acoustics of the room because its just like bare concrete. Looks more like felt than carpet.