Jacked for tomorrow Ronald McDonald house Minnesota

Mark Saiger

Mr Happy!
Dec 26, 2006
Grand Rapids, MN
Mark Saiger
The day went great!
We were done by Noon even doing more work than originally planned.

Was great to see Jen Pockat and her dad come in from Wisconsin. Jen was one of the winners for Mikey's Fest scholarship this past Feb in South Carolina. They also just purchased 2 brand new set ups from JonDon. New Ford vans with Sapphire Scientific 570 units. Absolutely beautiful set ups! And that girl can clean! Regular 15 inch Zipper, Zipper SS Super Spinner, Tom Conway wand... Just amazing family Daughter - Father Team.

Our own Austin who grew up working with us showed up... He is working for Twin Cities Finest and just got a brand new Butler! He makes us super proud and we miss him!

Our other guys... Absolutely fun and stellar. Everyone one of them since last year Mikey's Fest have updated to newer and I want to say better equipment. Everyone I feel is making a difference and with all of us sharing, they are advancing themselves and their business.

The sharing spirit is amazing and incredibly fun! 😊

And it is the 40th anniversary of the opening of this Ronald McDonald house! What a great way to celebrate with some cleaning 👍😊


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