Just hit 1k hrs on my Everest 650hp

Matt Wood

Feb 4, 2016
And I don't regret buying that truckmount. I took it to get it's 1k hr service and got a good report. During the 1k hrs, a few small things acted up like any truckmount would, so it's not worth mentioning.

The only major thing that just recently happened was the starter in the last 2 weeks. My suspicion is the small battery that came with the truckmount causing the starter to turn over slower than a bigger battery would during the hot days, but I don't have a fancy engineering degree behind my desk, so common sense won't win an argument with those people. It was a quick fix, so I'm glad it's starting better than it ever did in during that first 1k hrs.

I'm curious as to how they ran the hoses on the new Everest 870. During the 1k hr service, my mechanic had to shield several hoses behind the face of the truckmount, due to them rubbing together, causing premature wear. Does anyone know if Legend fixed that problem? If not, anyone that has that model needs to get in there and zip tie some protection hoses on them.

As for the heat exchange system report on my 650...it's perfect, and they should've left that on the new design. After 1k hrs, it was spot free clean during the inspection. Less can go wrong with the manual heat diversion, and my mechanic (who has over a decade of experience working on Sears' Everests) gave me a bunch of information tips on it.

That's my report. Who else has a 650, and how did it hold up during the first 1k hrs?

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