"Just remove the pork chop"

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    A good fifteen years ago I had a customer who opened my eyes to what most home owners really want from a visit from their regular carpet cleaning company.

    To remove the pork chop, plain and simple.

    With this particular repeat customer her main goal was to remove a very visible eye sore from her living room carpet. They had recently rearranged their furniture and by moving the sofa they exposed a very old pork chop that was VERY stuck to the carpet.
    All the little spots and traffic lane grunge did not matter to them. Just the pork chop had to go, the rest was insignificant and could be lived with. Much like wine and coffee drips to more fastidious home owners ,there are always one or two spots that will incite them to call you. It's very rarely the overall dinginess that only you and I as professionals, are bothered by.

    Since then I always start my tour of the home and work load with " What are your main concerns today Mrs Piftleton?

    and inevitably, they will lead you to the pork chop...

    This is exactly why cleaners with low technical skills but great personalities can get by just fine in this industry. Most home owners don't recognize a dirty carpet when they see one, especially one that has evenly soiled out from a past cleaning that left an even residue over the whole room. All they see are the surface spots and spills, which most any method can remove.

    How many of you have competitors in your neighborhoods who run around in virtually empty vans, just a TM a wand and a hand tool along with 3 or 4 chemicals? They can't clean worth a damn compared to a Saiger or a Sutley but they make that spot go away and for most, that's more than enough to get by on.

    as for that pork chop? it had been there so long it was firmly rotted to the yarns but a carpet knife and a thorough hot water extraction took away their embarrassment.
    The fact that the whole room now glowed, was residue free and smelled spring fresh went unnoticed.
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Discussion in 'the CleAn Room' started by Mikey P, Sep 21, 2016.

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