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Mikey P

Oct 6, 2006
The High Chapperal

MB Stone, Stone Edge Training and Mikey's Fest are proud to bring to you a revolutionary new course for the floor care industry​

Learn the very latest techniques on how to deal with today's modern (non carpeted) surfaces and more importantly, how to present and sell these services

Home care service providers should be doing all they can TO STAY IN YOUR CLIENTS HOMES AS LONG AS POSSIBLE! In today's crazy economical reality, homeowners want and need skilled, trustworthy tradespeople to help maintain their investments. The more services you can provide will not only help create customer loyalty, you'll also save money on fuel and marketing.​

If this makes sense, this intensive course is for you AND your top technicians​

Subjects demonstrated and practiced by students:​

• Wood floor cleaning, low moisture and extraction methods​

• Vinyl floor cleaning, plank and sheet​

• Stone and Ceramic floor tile cleaning w/ Porcelain glaze repair demonstrations​

• Stone Counter-top cleaning, restoration, chip repair and sealing​

• Grout repair, fortified, epoxy and flexible products, color matching techniques​

• Back Splash, Sink and Baseboard joint removal and repair​

• Grout Color Seal, application and removal​

• Topical Floor Finishes, application and removal​

• On-site Area Rug Cleaning​

We will also be utilizing a nearby home for two of the days to demonstrate most of the above subjects in a real world setting! This home was built by a contractor who used left over flooring and counter top materials, which will be an amazing opportunity for the students to practice on.​

We will have a variety of demonstration work stations featuring mock set ups, such as counter to back-splash, bath tub to wall, bottom mount sink to counter-top, floor to tile base board, floor to wood baseboard, vertical shower wall to vertical shower wall, etc. Students will be trained on how to use caulking guns and syringes, various grout types, silicones, epoxies etc, with removal and installation both being demonstrated​

All subjects will be demonstrated and practiced on first hand at the Aladdin's training center and a nearby home. (SEE PHOTOS BELOW)​

Three jam packed days of training!​

Our Hotel of choice -​

Crowne Plaza/Airport​

No group rate but the best deal in town at a nice location

Optional 4th day available to "just" practice your new found skills with instructor supervision. We decided to offer this when virtually every student in our past 3 classes requested the option. $400 or free if you purchase $800 or more MB Stone products after the class.

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