Kurt Bolden

I just learned a few weeks ago that Kurt had died back in February. I'm sure it was mentioned on this board, but somehow I missed it.
My son and I drove 10 1/2 hours from Georgia to Indiana last December to take the WRT/ASD class with Kurt. We could have drove an hour to Atlanta for the classes, but I wanted him to learn from a legend in the industry. What an experience it was! He was such a character and we hit it off right away. We had a lot of fun that week and learned way more than I had expected to. He didn't mince words, AT ALL, and there is no doubt the IICRC wouldn't have allowed anyone else to take things as far as Kurt did, but he just didn't give a damn. He spoke the truth about the business, the equipment we use, and life in general. Kurt didn't knock on doors, he kicked the door down.
I went to Nashville to get the WRT/ASD certs at Drieaz in 2004. When I left the house (modular home) was still wet. After 3 days with Kurt his flood house was dry. A real house with a full basement.
Anyway, I feel lucky to have been in his presence for that week, and I am saddened by his passing as I am sure many others are. Just wanted to publicly acknowledge my appreciation for the man. The Legend.
RIP Kurt.
The man was crazy...cool...and an industry icon. He will be missed. :errf:

We (some of the class) all went out after Chuck Dewalds first class and stayed out so late I nearly missed my flight in the AM.
I think we were eating breakfast at 4:00 am and I had a red eye flight yet to catch. lol

Actually I last saw him 3-4 years ago. He drove a big motor home into KC and called to see if Dan & I were free for dinner.

He was there for an install class to keep his certs valid. He was irritated that he puts on classes but had to travel to KC or time would expire on his certs. lol