Leather cleaning experiment

Oct 25, 2016
A property management company gave me these couches to experiment with. They were headed for the dump so anything goes. I've go my hydroforce leather cleaning kit out but can't seem to remove these spots and stains. I also tried a little dawn dish soap with no luck. Any suggestions or things I should try? I believe the leather type to be aniline. 20180915_112212.jpg 20180915_112227.jpg 20180915_112215.jpg
Thanks Marty Sutley.

Aniline Leather is very difficult be maintain and just about anything including water can cause a stain on this type of leather.
As it has no protective finish, and any dirt or dust that forms on the surface will then move deeper into the leather.
After a while you may find that even a drop of water will cause a clean spot where it has landed or a dark spot where it has mixed with the dirt.

The condition this suite is in, a full restoration would probably be better.
If you have not done a course in this, I suggest you do, IF you want to get into this lucrative service.

I no longer know who does leather courses over there apart from Lonnie McDonald.
Not sure what Interlink, Scott Warrington do.

I believe Tony Wheelwright (Harry Hides), has either hidden or fallen off the face of the earth. :winky:

Contact Lonnie McDonald, he does courses in L.A.

His website will give you more info on this.


What color are you assuming they were to begin with?

Looks like it was dyed brown after bleaching and the dye has worn/faded, as opposed to being soiled white leather.
I doubt very much it would be white being an Aniline.
I would say that the original color is brown, the whitish areas are possibly UV fading.
The nature of Aniline would mean that any liquid placed upon it, (being an unsealed leather), would simply soak in, enlarging the stain, notice the large water mark on the corner cushion.
Not an easy fix, BUT the good part is that after some training, you then have several pieces to work on and gain more knowledge on Aniline leathers.
I would (after treatment), also suggest going to a darker brown.

Go for it.

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Dec 19, 2006
I would check into the condition of the springs and cushions before doing a lot of work. Almost every leather sofa that I ever sold, besides Flexsteel, the leather would outlast the cushions and springs.

Leathermaster has a new paste to remove oils. I would get some and try out on one cushion. If you can remove the oils then a darker brown stain could bond after a thorough cleaning and revitalizing. The even application of dye would disguise some of the issues not removed by cleaning. The leather appears to be of high quality. Interior designers sell the concept of patina (actually oil collecting on surface) on leather so even if it is not perfect, it can still have a classic look.

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