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Everyday is Saturday.
Sep 20, 2008
Fort Worth , Texas
Spent 6 hours yesterday hitting 21pawn shops and it was a blast!

Got a Prochem ti wand, Drieaz 7000xli( 342 hours) looks great ,Drieaz revolution ( 250 hours) 2017 clean unit, 2 Drieaz New Dri pods, 1 Drieaz prox3 air mover, 1 Phoenix Air mover, 1 roboreel electric reel extension 100 ft cord, 1 reelcraft mechanical extension cord wall mount reel, 3 fieldpiece multimeters, a couple of Klein multimeters, a new Matco engine/ transmission oil pressure testing gauge set, a nice car antigravity jump set, a new in box deltran battery charger, a nice heavy duty motorcycle hydraulic platform, and a partridge in a pair tree.

All for less than 1800 dollars, was just happy as can be, and Beat sitting at the in laws house for 6 hours!

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