Notice Legend Brands going BIG at Mikey's Fest Scottsdale!

Oct 6, 2006
The High Chapperal
COMMUNITY FOCUS - Legend Brands is proud to support and be an active partner in Mikey’s Fest Cleaners Giving Back event at the Arizona Ronald McDonald Houses (RMHC) this coming October. RMHC provides families housing and support to be together when they have a child with a serious illness. Dennis Bruders, VP of Marketing for Legend Brands, said “We are honored to participate in Cleaners Giving Back for Ronald McDonald House. It’s such a worthy cause! We want to help give these families have the most relaxing and clean environment possible. It’s a big job – Mike Palliotet gave us the largest of the three properties - and it has tile and grout, vinyl, rugs, carpet, upholstery, granite counters and concrete paths, and more. So we’re assembling an expert team, including local independent businesses, with a coordinated game plan to deliver the best results. With our corporate offices being nearby, this is a unique opportunity to share our expertise and equipment to give back to the community that many of our employees live and work in.”

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