Lets play Horse in a small town

Oct 6, 2006
The High Chapperal
Remember the basketball court I did for the marines a year ago?

The one where they said " just do what you can to make it shiney for the upcoming inspection, we're replacing it in a few months"..

I guess I did too good a job and the Inspectors said, Keep it!

Last time Paula helped me on cleaning day, this time I hired the son of the Mono County Supervisor, who just so happens to be the grandson of the owner of the Bridgeport Inn as well as the kid whose family owns the cabin next door to ours at Virgina Lakes, AND the kid who will be helping my contractor buddy install a new porch overhang and new siding on our cabin this summer as well as the same guy that I'll probably hire as my first part time helper if he passes muster today..

This is the view from his house, where I'll be picking him up this morning..

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