Looking for intro oriental rug repair course



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Can anyone recommend a reputable organization that offers introductory or basic oriental rug repair courses? Preferably classes in the U.S.

introductory or basic oriental rug repair
If you have any sewing experience you should be able to pick up those skills by yourself.
Find a good repair book, get some wool and linen thread and some junk rugs and DIY.
Learn to sew with a pair of pliers. Learn to thread a needle. If you wash any amount of rugs you'll start seeing what a quality rug looks like compared to an infereior rug and hence what the fringe and sides should look like. Money can be made on edges and sides. Anything past that reweaving and the like takes time, talent, a good eye and a lot of patience. You have to master the basics first then you can search out a class. If you can join ARCS they're a really great collaboration of folks.
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I have seen rug repair classes offered by Phil at Castle Cleaning in Colorado (every year or so) and Lynn Tall is promoting one at Wade Shehady's plant in Pittsburgh area to be held in September.

I f I see the ads again, I will get the date and contact information for you and post it here.