New Co Axial Fan from Dri Eaz preview --- sicass!

Stealth AV3000
The ULTIMATE versatile, high-velocity axial airmover

The Stealth produces high velocity, long-throw airflow to ventilate smoke, dust and fumes and dry large spaces fast. Direct air anywhere – reposition it easily on its versatile integrated stand. The Stealth's advanced blade design delivers quieter operation AND higher intensity airflow. Power airflow up or down in a snap with variable speed control.

Light and easy to carry, the Stealth stacks securely for transport. Its low amp draw and convenient outlet let you daisy-chain up to four units on a single 15-amp circuit.


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It's low amp draw makes them ideal for drying in place. We love axial fans for commercial work. We have a truck loaded with 75 axials ready to go for commercial projects.

Last week When a storm came through we took that truck our to supplement the WDR Spartan trucks.

Being low amp draw you can use many more of them with little concern of tripping a breaker. In commercial work you are always maxing out the circuits. These type of airmover help considerably. Daisy chain also allows you to string a bunch of them together without the need for extension cords.
The concept of a serrated trailing edge on a fan blade was developed by General Electric for use on jet engine turbine blades to reduce noise and improve food efficiency. Drive Eaz engineers worked with another engineering group to design this application. Couple years of development time in this fan