Webinar October 14th - Gummy Shark Night


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Jul 13, 2011
Join Keith Studebaker, Green Glides Lisa, Zipper Erik, DevPro Tom, and Duk Guard David to listen to their tales of how they went from brilliant idea to market and back again..

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Mikey P

Oct 6, 2006
The High Chapperal
Studebaker-Green Glides-Zipper-Devastator-Duk Guards

Five great inventions all from the minds of owner operator carpet cleaners.

Join us tonight at 6PM PST in an open discussion to learn how these five inventors came up with their ideas and took them to market.

Learn about the process and what they may have next in store.

A lively and fun discussion is guaranteed w/ co host Mark Saiger

Stay late as we'll be going through a library of interesting Zipper photos to see the history of the development of this popular tool


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Jan 18, 2013
Thomas Conway
I would like to apologize for not showing up to the show last night, It is my fault not going to say it wasn't...I am a odd duck and things have to go right or I don't function properly.
I had a very busy day and was running late to get home, when I got home...it was a absolute mess for a OCD guy like myself. Older son putting in his bass thumping wall vibrating stereo, with his friends, wife had house torn apart redoing our bedroom, and to top it all off my son had his LITTLE German Shepard dog running wildly all over the dam place....so I grabbed a few beers and proceeded to down them to get ready, after answering all the questions about how to hook up a stereo and getting that out of the way, the Doggy door that is made for my 3 lb Yorkie's was now filled with a stuck 50 lb German Shepard that somehow managed to get completely stuck in the DAM DOOR !!!
So I just said screw it.
I have not hid the fact I don't live in a mansion and there was no place for me to hide and join in on the conversation....again a lot of it is my own personal issues.
Another thing is, the DevPro wand is going to be all new....but I honestly ( my own issues again) I DON'T HAVE IT in my hands yet, so I don't want to jump the gun just yet...... I can tell you all this IS NOT AS EASY as the FILTER.
I can say.....if we can put this wand together and I don't doubt we will.....I truly believe this is going to shock MOST of you. It is going to be the first wand that is TRULY " going to be adjustable to any TM it is hooked to. Let me work on it and if all works out I will have no problem sitting down and talk about it with you all.
But I don't want to speak before it is a reality...it will be a very big embarrassment to ME and worse to Mikey as he has been very awesome in his support to us with the current wand already.
I am ready for my lashing and that is fine, let the lashing begin.
Thomas C.

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