Webinar October 21st FaceBook Marketing Night


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Jul 13, 2011
Are your local marketing attempts floundering on Facebook?

Everyone says you and your company need to be on "FB", rightfully so, but so many just do not grasp the fine art of getting the most out of your advertising budget on the world's most popular social media site.

Quit wasting precious time and money by trying to figure this Facebook marketing out by yourself!

Tonight at 6PM PST/ 8PM MST/9PM EST Facebook advertising expert Will Saring from Las Vegas will be sharing his up to the minute techniques on how to get FB to produce new customers that want YOUR services.

Will's FB page has 8500 plus like and can produce work in a matter of minutes under his control.

Nothing to buy, no charge to attend..Just bring a pad and paper to take notes.

Come see how tonight!

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Oct 9, 2006
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Jack Ashh
Looking forward to it! Will presents very well! :cool:

Its a Facebook day, I have a webinar in a couple hours “How to Double Your Facebook Fans in 30 Days or Less (And Keep Them Begging For More!)” :icon_cool:
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