Our hard Surface Course work stations..

Mikey P

Oct 6, 2006
The High Chapperal
  • Bath tub to tile wall, built with tile and grout of variable gap widths from 1/16th to 1/4th , 4 stations of at least two feet long. Use a bath tub cut into 4 segments, use as cheap of a tub as possible.
  • Two filled with grout
  • two filled with latex caulk
  • Granite slab counter to granite back splash with a 1/16th gap, counter portion can be small for portability but stable enough to place on a table to do demos. 4 feet long. Edge of counter needs to be standard ½ round bullnose edge. 4 stations
  • Granite counter slab for demos. Preferably a tear out with hard water build up and some staining. Minimum of 4 ft. 2 stations
  • Shower wall to shower wall (6x6 tiles) 4 stations
  • Shower floor to shower wall 2” floor tiles to 12” wall tiles. Porcelain or ceramic. 4 stations
  • MDF baseboard to tile floor, 4 ft long, 4 stations
  • Spare pieces of MDF for chemical damage demos
  • Bottom mount sink to countertop, Formica or any cheap available counter, stainless sink if possible. 1/8th gap, pre-filled with clear silicone, 1 station
  • 4’x4’ pallet covered in 12” Porcelain tiles with a ¼” sanded grout, 1 station
  • 4’x4’ pallet covered in 12” Noche style Travertine tiles with holes, with a ¼” sanded grout, 1 station
  • 4’x4’ pallet covered in 12” Porcelain tiles with a ¼” sanded grout, PRE SEALED WITH 2 COATED WITH VCT SEALER, 1 station
  • Wood floor samples, solid wood 2.225 Oak and hand scraped plank or any width, engineered with variable top thickness, “Pergo” laminate
  • 4” to 4” Melamine planks for SGA and backer rod demos, held together with L brackets, 4’long, 4 stations
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Apr 3, 2017
just cleaned a house today. The customer kitchen granite countertops and shower need loving. The kitchen is the perfect candidate for SGA as well as all the bathrooms counter. all the joint grout caulking failed. Probably about 60 linear feet for the SGA. I told her about my additional service and said that she may consider it. It was just a simple soft sell.
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Nov 19, 2019
Phoenix AZ
Bryan Thomson
Special services like showers, countertops, backsplash.....customers don’t know who to ask to fix it, and for sure not the carpet cleaning or tile & grout guy.......That’s why it’s such an easy soft sell.....they know they need to do something with all that “dank” building up in the shower but don’t have any idea of who to ask.

Almost ever new customers tells me....”Great I didn’t know you do that”......I just smile and say would you like an estimate?
Of course with a smile on my face.
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