Phoenix 200 Max Dehu smells like smoke

Apr 2, 2018
Virginia Beach, VA
This is my first post here. I've viewed these forums for almost 2 years but I just now finally registered, hoping I can get some advice. I've seem to have hit a wall here.
I'm the equipment manager for a home restoration company and I am in charge of equipment maintenance. I've been cleaning our Phoenix 200 Max's and thus far have been able to get rid of almost all bad smells with my own solution of 3 different cleaning chemicals, but those dehu's that come back from especially nasty fire jobs are a PAIN to try to rid of that smell.
I've opened the unit, detached the grills, flushed them out, wiped down just about every square inch inside of the unit, cleaned the coils, replaced drain hoses (which are a main culprit in holding the smoky smell), and have even let some of them run over a weekend with an Odorox Boss XL3 hydroxyl blowing directly into the unit. And even this has failed on some of the dehu's.
Does anyone have any other tips as to how to get this dang smell out?
(The chemicals I use are Microban, Odorcide, and 9-D-9. One to kill bacteria, one to neutralize the odor, and one to mask and provide a pleasant smell. All diluted of course.)
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