Portuguese Needle point.

Rugs of this type are getting rare do to the construction design. Jute is the foundation of these rugs which are prone to dry rotting, as well as falling apart. They do Brown out if not dried quick. I seen an article about Jute cleaning by Lisa Wagner and thought I would share. I clean alot of these rugs as well as fixed quite a few.


This fits into the same discussion as Jim Pemberton's article on Jacquard fabrics.

The rugs are so easily damaged that they're rare, so few cleaners will have experience with them. The frailty of the old jute foundation doesn't show up until it gets wet, and agitation from a rotary or HWE tool can rip the foundation. Even if the rug doesn't crackle, just moving one rolled up needs to be a careful maneuver.

That rarity also makes them very pricey to replace if you screw up, so this is a good rug for most cleaners to stay away from.