Put The Industry’s Leading Portable Extractor To Work For You!


Put The Industry’s Leading Portable
Extractor To Work For You!

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All units ranging from 150 to 500 PSI, including models with heat, are CSA-US approved.

40 Liter (10 Gallon) Solution and 40 Liter (10 Gallon) Recovery Capacity: allows for maximum efficiency in time and labor costs, allowing you to work longer without any downtime.

Dual 2-Stage or 3-Stage Vacuum Motors: The Dual 2-stage motor is hooked up in series to give you great airflow and sealed suction and the dual 3-stage gives you maximum lift for more efficient water pick up from your carpets.

Adjustable PSI Pump: Adjustable PSI pump on the 200PSI and 500 PSI models deliver cleaning power and versatility for cleaning nearly any type of carpet or upholstery.

Power Cord: Ninja Classics are outfitted with 25' power cord.

Hinged Design Ensures Easy Maintenance: This innovative design allows access to components making it easy to repair.




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What is the name of that portable monstrosity on display in Atlanta? It was very powerful, bare bones on an aluminum hand truck.