Rainwater Harvesting for rinsing rugs as asked by Bill Luke

Smart idea. Very easy to filter and even purify for drinking if you want to. I grew up with barrels at each down spout so we would have water for the garden in the summer.


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Our rug washing class in Austin last week toured several facilities including Deep Eddy. We got a close-up look at the rain water collection System which can hold up to 20,000 gallons - if it rains enough.

Periods of heavy rain fill the system, but during dry spells it runs dry in a short time.

Great marketing tool according to Bill Foulds who owns and operates Deep Eddy rug washing plant. They even get the occasional carpet cleaning customer who wants them to bring rainwater to the home for rinsing their carpet.
Deep Eddy put a big shiny tank in front of their building for PR purposes during a prolonged drought in Austin. It worked so well that their competitors had to put in tanks to advertise that they used rain water as well.

They did find the softer water to be an asset to rinsing rugs, so the tank farm in back of the building was added. The filtration is simple and the system requires very little maintenance, with no algae build-ups or tank cleaning required.

If you live in a hard water area and have the room, installing rain water collection is worth thinking about.


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Do check with local laws before installing such as system. Here in Salt Lake City, government claims the water rights and does not allow you to collect rain water. One large company built a rain water collection with backing from environmental groups trumpeting how many gallons of water would be saved. Government fined them $25,000 and made them shut it down 1 day after it opened.

I have heard of this a couple of times in some of the drier western states.
Here in Salt Lake City, government claims the water rights and does not allow you to collect rain water.
OK. Dig a well (less than 30 feet to stay off the Utah monitoring books). Dig a giant pit less than thirty feet deep right next to the well and fill it with rocks. Direct all rainwater on the property to the rocky area. Use well to pump ground water to storage tanks.

Don't tell people about it!