Ronald McDonald Auction Prize List

Oct 6, 2006
The High Chapperal
Mike Pay-oh-tay
Auctions will start in September with all proceeds going to the Phoenix RMHC.

  1. Dri-Eaz Stealth 3000 co axial fan $450-Richard Chavez @$420pd
  2. Butler inline vacuum filter box-$495- Lee Stockwell- $350pd
  3. Stone Pro 175 floor machine- $700- Derrick- $460pd
  4. Dri-Eaz Studebaker Fan- $595-Adam Hale @$500pd
  5. Pro's Choice- “Vapor Kit.” includes a VDT-4200 Vapor Tunnel along with 3 vapor bars. $100- Dealtimeman @$90
  6. Saiger Super Pack -One case of Code Red Pre Spray and one case Saiger Cide Lime Citron Odor Destroyer Retail value- $300 THREE WINNERS, FREE shipping Lower 48-$900- Dealtimeman @$310, Luiz Vianna @ $330, KSL @ $335pd
  7. Service Monster Gift Cards- $200 each, two winners, can be used on subscriptions of FMS services.-$400- Keith Able- $310pd
  8. Rotovac 360 Brush Head- Your choice of XL or I, Teflon or metal vacuum shoe-$450- Old Coastie-$360pd
  9. Donald Saiger and Son's donation of a new Westpak 3 tier SS shelf kit and a genuine Green Glide of your choice- $500- Matt Wood- $275pd
  10. Jon Don IICRC Class of your choice and location, up to $400 value.- Justin Foulk- $190pd
  11. Interlink Pet Problem Package. $500 -Swani $310pd
  12. Solutions By Steam Pro's package-2 x 50 lb boxes of our First Step prespray/extractor (retail $185.95 plus UPS shipping cost), 1 case of 4 gallons of our new product Odor Destroyer (pet and organic deodorizer for urine, feces, etc.)-retail price $125 plus UPS shipping, and 1 case of 4 gallons of Global 121 hard surface cleaner/degreaser, retail value $80 plus shipping cost.- $500- Damon Rydell-$210
  13. PureForce Carpet Package- $300 - one 40# pail of PowerForce Enzyme Pre Spray and one pail Pure and Soft Fiber Rinse- Sam Miller $270
  14. PureForce Pet Package- $340 One pail of SORX2 Stain and odor remover, one case of USR urine stain remover AND one case of EOC Enzyme Odor Counteractant in your choice of Orange, Linen, Melon or Rain Forrest- Damon Rydell- $250
  15. PureForce Sample Package- $500+ One gallon or quart of EVERY PureForce Product!- over 38 chemicals to try. Ernie Sigala $1000
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