Auction Ronald McDonald St Pete Auction #2- Carpet Cleaner America Compound, 3 buckets worth!

Oct 6, 2006
The High Chapperal
Mike Pay-oh-tay
Up for grabs is three buckets of the best compound on the planet. Perfect for CRB owners who want to clean with VVLM moisture on WTW, problematic area rugs cleaned in plant or in the home, wood or vinyl floors and more

– USDA BioPreferred listed
– works great on reoccurring spots
– neutral ph
– 99% organic
– removes soil attracting residues left behind by other methods
– quickest dry time of any method
– cannot over wet carpets
– minimal training required – anyone can achieve great results
– long shelf life

Ricky G has this to say about his private labeled version of this product..

Adsorb Ultra is an advanced dry compound carpet cleaning powder. The consistency of Adsorb Ultra sets it apart. And its detergency is highly effective. Adsorb Ultra is safe for all types of carpet fiber. It is Woolsafe and CRI approved. It also carries the USDA Biobased certification, so it has less impact on the environment.
  • The AdsorbUltra dry carpet compound is an extremely low moisture carpet cleaning system. The Adsorb compound lifts and draws soil away from the carpet fiber and into the particles which can then be extracted during the recovery process.
  • The particle size of Adsorb Ultra is very consistent. During the manufacturing process the particulate is filtered to remove fine particles. This ensures a more coarse particle size, and that makes it easier to extract.
  • Detergency is excellent. In areas of light to medium soil Adsorb doesn't even require pre-spray. In more heavily soiled areas you can pre-spray the carpet with Releasit Encap-Punch prior to cleaning to impart additional cleaning power.
Simply sprinkle Adsorb Ultra onto the carpet. Then brush over the carpet with the BrushEncap or other cylindrical counter-rotating brush CRB machine. Make slow overlapping passes with the CRB machine. After the carpet has been scrubbed, attach the BrushEncap Renovator collection trays, and pass back over the carpet to recover the soiled Adsorb particles.

Adsorb Ultra is great for spot cleaning too. It's a quick and simple way to treat spots, such as recurring spill stains. Spots treated with Adsorb Ultra are dry and the carpet is ready for usage almost immediately.


Opening bid is $75 w/ minimum $5 increments
Retail value is $$150
Free shipping to the lower 48
Auction is over January 11th at 6PM PST, highest bid wins at 6PM sharp.

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