Auction Saiger’s “BEAST MODE” Auction


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Jul 13, 2011
  • Release the Beast with One 40 pound pail Saiger's Code
  • AND tame that Beast’s Odor with 2 Gallons Saiger's OdorOxy
  • Free shipping to lower 48

Code Red Pail.jpg

Saiger's Sauce Code Red combines Oxy and Enzyme to the already awesome Saiger's Sauce 1. This unscented formula allows for the addition of deodorizers such as the new Saiger's Cide Lime Citron odor destroyer.

OdorOxy Pic (2).jpg

Odor Elimination with the Power of Peroxide and a True Odor Destroyer!

ODOR OXY is a unique high powered Peroxide formula with a true Odor Destroyer! Not a masking agent, but a product meant to go after the urine and odor causing organic stains! With the power of Peroxide and our unique Odor Destroyer. Designed for those cleaners who do not have the time for enzyme activation, and need quick fast results!

Odor & Stain elimination oxidizers that will remove organic stains including pet urine, blood, coffee, vomit, and more.

A unique formula to eliminate unpleasant stains and odors in carpet, upholstery and other fabrics.

Avoid using on Wool and Silk materials, and be cautious with natural fibers.

Retail Value $315+
Starting bid $200
Minimum bid increment $2

Action ends Thursday August 11th at 9PM EST/ 6PM PST

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