Saiger's P-Lime-Zyme now available

Dec 26, 2006
Grand Rapids, MN
Hey guys,

There have been a few who asked to let them know when this goes into production.

It is now available. We put the Saiger's Cide Lime Citron Odor Destroyer into a bacteria enzyme.

Kind of Marty's @hogjowl favorite Piss Off Harvard remover but with the odor destroyer as well

We apply it at 4 to 1 setting of inline sprayer, or 4 to1 in a sprayer with warm water. Don't use any other chemistry so enzyme has a better chance of working faster. Allow 30 minutes dwell time and extract, water claw, leave enzyme behind in the carpet...many uses...

$72 for a case of 4 gallons will make you $20 gallons of product. Can also be used pure form.

So far in our tests and with others, it has been working very well....

And as always, thank you for giving our products a try.

Hope you have a spectacular day...I am trying to get caught up in the office since getting back from the Awesome Mikey's Fest that just took place :) :rockon::rockon::rockon::rockon:’s-p-lime-zyme-4-x-1-gallon-case/category_pathway-15

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Saiger’s P-Lime-Zyme

Saiger's P-Lime-Zyme is a ready to use active solution with a special blend of odor counteractants to immediately knock down and keep odors suppressed while bacterial enzymes go to work. Pet Stain & odor destroyer contains bacteria that produce multiple enzymes to digest odors at the source quickly and effectively. It will eliminate odors caused urine, feces, grass, mold, mildew, organic rot, vomit, smoke, skunk, and more.

  1. Shake well before using (product should be room temperature for best results)
  2. Test in an obscure area for colorfastness.
  3. Remove any solid waste from carpet.
  4. Apply liberally at 4 to 1 ratio to effected carpet even forcing into severe areas into the padding. You may also apply at full strength.
  5. Apply to all surfaces using Warm water vs Hot water (160 degrees) DO NOT APPLY DETERGENT AT SAME TIME.
  6. Shut off your chemical injection on Truckmount during application
  7. Allow to dwell 30 minutes.
  8. Extraction after dwell time can use detergent and even apply Saiger’s Sauce 1 or other prespray over top if more severely soiled.
Special Note:
Peroxides will harm the bacteria. If a stain persists that needs treating, only mist the tips of the fibers so bacteria remaining can continue to work. A warm damp towel may be placed over the problem area to increase product performance. Note: Sever contamination may require a second treatment.

  • P-Lime-Zyme attacks the source of the foul odor and eliminates the organic residue that causes it.
  • Effective on a wide variety of organic odor problems.
  • P-Lime-Zyme has received the coveted seal of approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute.
  • P-Lime-Zyme harness the power of natural enzyme formed by good bacteria, so it is completely safe for use around your pets and children.
Suggested Product Use:
  • Pet accidents on carpet, floors, furniture, and clothing.
  • Spray in litter boxes, pet beds, and animal cages to deodorize.
  • Spray on mattress and bedding after accidental bed wetting.
  • Laundry spotter and presoak - will work on all organic stains. Apply directly onto stain and allow enzymes to consume the organic matter. For a laundry presoak mix 8 oz per gallon and allow laundry to soak for 45-90 minutes and then wash.
  • Can be sprayed at the base of toilets for deodorization.
  • Pour down sinks and drains to maintain your sewer lines or septic tank. Add 2-3 oz twice weekly to keep drain pipes flowing freely.
  • Spray in garbage cans to help deodorize.
Always test in an obscure are prior to use when treating silk or wool fibers. Avoid all contact with open wounds. Keep contain closed when not using. Store out of direct sunlight. Do not take internally. Note: Do not subject to extremely hot water.
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Jun 29, 2015
Heart of Dixie
Mark, one thing Excellent Supply does that helps small fry (like me) is allowing a mixed case of product to be selected, with a slight discount over 4 bottles.

If you do the same, it might make money.
Dec 26, 2006
Grand Rapids, MN
Sorry we had some issues with our Webstore today.

Some updates came in the store and cause all kinds of trouble...had to do a reboot of old info from back up for now until new updates are available.

Here is also a video with some explanation of the product.

Thanks again!

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Feb 5, 2016
@hogjowl. The purpose for the question was whether or not it could be sprayed on the carpet after you clean and not leave a residue. For instance if there is really an extreme amount of spots. prespray with OSR boosted prespray, clean then spray the enzyme on the carpet and let it work as the carpet is drying and urine is being wicked to the top. Idiot
Ps @Mark Saiger. Will it remove pig urine?
Jan 9, 2016
I really like Harvard Pet Stain, since this is pretty much the same ,
only with a different twist. Twist of Lime!

I bet it is a good product. Esp. since Marty endorsed it.

But years ago , when trying every magic bullet out there only to be dissappointed I tried one that had a Limey smell. Really liked it. May have been a companion to Anti Icky poo? from Mister Mix.
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