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Mikey P

Oct 6, 2006
The High Chapperal
Most wine spills are usually easy to remove if dealt with as soon as possible. While the internet is loaded with wine removal suggestions, we strongly recommend that you refer to ________ spot cleaning guide for the steps involved.
For larger (whole bottle) spills, you’ll want to extract as much of the wine as possible with a wet/Dry vac or a carpet extractor, prior to following the recommendations in the spotting guide. If the wine reached the carpet backing or pad, you may see some wicking occur within a few days. Often all it takes is a mist of (fresh) 3% Hydrogen Peroxide applied and gently blotted with a towel to get rid of this last trace.

In some situations with natural fibers or older synthetic carpet or textiles, red wine can leave a stubborn lingering red or pink stain behind that will need special attention from a IICRC Certified Cleaning Professional.

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