That Glide be trippin..

Mikey P

Oct 6, 2006
The High Chapperal
-Easily converts your favorite carpet cleaning wand into a safe and efficient hard surface wand

- Wonderful for rinsing LVP, VCT and sheet vinyl, finshed wood, polished and honed stone and tile and grout.

- Will not scratch delicate LVP or modern Porcelain.

- Excellent water recovery.

- Cleans right to the edge.

-Does not replace the need for a spinner tool but it's all you need on light to moderate soiled tile and grout.

-Cleans most hatd surface quicker and easier than carpet.

- Available for both Sapphire Scientific Titaniums sizes, Prochem Titanium 14", both Devastator sizes, both HydraMaster Evolution sizes, AW29 12" and more to come!

-$220 for all sizes and wands
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