So cool, thank you Joe for the episode! Great to see Wanda doing so well. She looks fantastic! Many thanks so much to Wanda & Ed for everything they did for the industry. :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

The York's were true visionaries. Part Barnum & Bailey part GENIUS. Steam Services, SCT, IICUC, DKI, all York's ideas.

We owned 3 Vapor Vac's back in the 70's, heavy beasts but built to last. Used in conjunction with a 65 lb drag wand.

Wanda is right people loved seeing the dirty water removed from their carpet. lol

I remember Ed fighting the Better Business bureau for the right to use the term "Steam Cleaning". Back then the BBB was suing cleaners for false advertising. :oldrolleyes:

The first Cimex I ever saw was one Ed was pushing along with LST for low moisture cleaning.

My father sent me all across the country to SCT then Fiber Cleaning Schools of America for training.

What a great episode! :biggrin:


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Great episode. I have not seen Wanda for many years. Good to hear form her.

I think my start with SCT and IICUC was in the early 1980's. Collected a lot of the Tip's n Chat's, even wrote them for a while. Became an instructor for Ed and Wanda's schools. Later worked with Sonny Bass, Jeff Bishop, Joel Reets in various iterations of SCT.

Did business with Steve and then Bob Astone at Steam Services. Learned color correction from one of the York relatives, although I can't recall the name right now. Proof of my old age.
Took his class in KC mid 90's. That is where RIcKY got his idea to sell cimexes after I mentioned seeing them at York's class on the ICS board. He'll deny it of course. LST (mud) as a low moisture cleaner using the cimex and a using a tank mounted ozone unit for that cimex.