The Gold Standard for Truckmounts in its weightclass!


What do you get when you take decades of experience and countless hours of research and combine it with the feedback from professional carpet cleaners? The best of the breed in truckmount extractors with MasterBlend’s El Diablo Truckmounts.

This isn’t idle talk. All you have to do is look at the features offered with the El Diablo and the El Diablo HE to know these are serious machines.

Everything is easily accessible and spaced for easy access—chemical feed is directly through the pump and adjustment through the flo-meter (no chemical diaphragm pump). The El Diablo weighs approximately 700 pounds and can be mounted in either the rear or side of a van.

The new El Diablo HE features high performance heat, pressure, vacuum, and versatility with proven components and superior innovations all from a quality-driven manufacturer.

El Diablo's High Performance allows the ability to have exceptional long vacuum hose runs on difficult commercial jobs—up to 700 feet. High performance means outstanding water restoration capabilities, as well as dual wand operation.

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Might be a good starter TM for a Porty guy's 1st TM-- But I'll take issue with the 700ft range claim-- I know what my V felt like at 700 ft with triple wands.
Looks a lot like my 2004 White Magic Commander after I stripped it down and got rid of all the unneeded crap. Just a bare bones machine. The way a truck mount should be. Those Cat c3 pumps last forever. Mine has well over 15,000 hours on it and it's never been worked on. Of course next week it will poop out now that I said something.
I corresponded with a guy who has the fuel fires model. He wasn't real confident in the 700 ft run would provide quality extraction.

He said it's not a quality dual wand system. Yeah, in a pinch you could get away with 2 6 flow wands at about 150-200 ft and get good results.

Single wand and upholstery at the same time..not a problem. Tile/grout and low flow wand at the same time..meh ok results.

Use it for what it's made for and it kicks ass. But don't pretend it's a Vortex or AT. He loved the dependable loads of heat, simplicity, reliability, He's a stickler for maintenance so that's key. Its a similar design to my old Powermatic.

I'd buy one but I'm a bit of a size queen and would prefer a bigger system for those rare occasions when something bigger is needed like large commercial jobs. But for most single wand residential its a beast.
Look Onfire, I don't mean to be mean... but I drove away from distributors with two brand new El Diablos in the past several years.

I know very well what they're capable of.

Cleaning over 250-300 feet - is NOT one of those things they're capable of.
I've cleaned at 400' of 2" hose... Half of it was hanging vertical when doing condo corridors.. My #45 blower at the end of it was slightly better than a portable, but it is what it is... I've switched to 2.5" hose to 10' whip of 2" and it has preserved my cfm more.....but still nothing to brag about...

Still I want a bigger machine so I could at least do carpet and upholstery with no loss of suction... Dual wands would be nice, but our big jobs are few and far in between..
I have a pmf 2" titanium wand or a 13" zipper.
Usually have two 2" hoses for the first 50-100'.

I will not say there is no loss of suction at 600' but even a vortex will loose some at that distance. But the suction that remains is better than my 2-3 stage portable.
I was real inpressed with the fuel fired one I use in Nashville Mikey's fest last year but I don't think it would out preform my butler in reliability