The importance of making a call

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Jun 29, 2015
Heart of Dixie

See that? It is one of two chimneys on Casa Coastie. About 24 feet high. The metal chimney cap is rusty and some penguino failed to flash and cover the vinyl siding. That means a weathered leak is forming.

Before Thanksgiving I called a friend of a friend. It took three calls, but he gave me a price and I haven’t heard from him since.

Before Christmas I called a local roofer with good reviews. He begged off until the 2nd. I called him again and he said he’d call back. I called a third time a few days later and he said he’d call after work and didn’t.

Yesterday I called a contractor who gave me the number of his painter. Tom the painter called me right back and said he’d come by today after work. He didn’t call at 3:30 and I thought he bailed, but at 4:20 he showed up.

Meanwhile, the roofer’s son FINALLY called, but I didn’t want two guys here at the same time, so I put him off until Friday. I’ll be cancelling.

Tom the painter impressed me with several suggestions and I tripled the job list to include the house and window trim, gutters and some plywood repair. About $1300 worth.

Here is the point: the ONLY reasonably prompt callback I got was Tom, who was eager for work. The other guys could have had it if they had only remembered; the customer wants an answer!

Being on the receiving end has been an eye opener. I’m pretty good about calling, but from now on, I am going to make sure the job comes to me by acting immediately. Our customers are people who just want good service and will pay for it!
Food for thought.

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