To quote Neil Young, "A man needs a maid.."

sOOper hero

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Oct 7, 2006
North East Ohio
Larry Capitoni
Can you sub it out?

that has it's own pitfalls too, Mike .

"Ain't no way a sub
has even 20% of the eye for detail that I do"

Only things we sub'd* were the things we weren't licensed for or equipped to do like HVAC, major electrical, plumbing, excavation/concrete/foundation, etc
(if/when we couldn't fly under the radar without permits)
Like replacing a main plumbing stack or wiring new plugs 'n boxes)

*too, with my limited, but capable and quality oriented crew, we had to sub a fair amount of work out on the large jobs($20-$50K size) with hard deadlines
Roofs, siding, major drywall (Mardie) mainly because those outfits can blow 'em out in a 1/3 time we can
(a 5-7 man crew of Mexicans can blow out two average roofs a day)

problem there is, the subs worth a chit are either buried with work and can't meet the deadlines or big buck and it's tough to add my 15-20% on top of their price and win the bids

and as the general contractor, you're the one on the hook if Pablo or Yoader (Amish) does halfazz work or screws the pooch

Ain't none of it easy
til now..cause now I get to tell the contractor fix it right, or I don't pay you....

Oct 10, 2006
Ann Arbor
Steve Lawrence
Dang, Mikey. You are really good at bathroom tile, etc. You should offer a class or ride around or something.
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