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Jim Pemberton

MB Exclusive.
Oct 7, 2006
Jim Pemberton
HydraMaster was aquired by a PE firm today.
I talked to the new guy un charge and love what he had to say.

Aramsco was very recently bought up, again as well.

Other than that, nothing new to speak of, so far.

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Two of the nicest guys I know....and about as tall as you too.

Jim and Robert would be the perfect antidote for the miasma that eminates from that place

Mikey P

Oct 6, 2006
The High Chapperal
Well, the Cooper Family era comes to a close.

Larry and the gang have been putting on Connections/The Experience since the late 90's and while I've always been critical of large shows and their lack of quality content for cleaners, the Cooper's events were if nothing else, a great time to be had with other passionate industry friends and (at times) tremendous shopping experience.

I and most every attendee I spoke to, fear that the restoration side of our industry will be the full focus of future Experiences and I heard many wishes for an ICE like show to return.

I don't see that happening as there just isn't enough money in it for the amount of time, staffing and effort it would take, so small events like mine and Encapalooza will be all that remains for the foreseeable future.
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