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I have a small bathroom that needs cleaning and sealing. What is bothering the customer is that the floor is a little blotchy. She doesn't want it shiny but a matte finish, like the shower walls that are depicted below. She seems to think it was as matte as the shower. If that is the case, then I think the floor is a bit shiny from feet oil, etc. Once I clean it and it still looks a little blotchy, can I just use a 400 DOT of DIP pad and will that even it all out?

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Mikey P

Clean it with a peroxide based pre spray or add 40v to your alkaline juice of choice.

Or do the 400 dip.
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What chems is she using to clean it now? Does she want the holes filled? I’d imagine that running the 400 dip would do the trick, but is it going to expose more pits? And when it’s sealed, it still won’t match the shower, due to the fact that you’ve done no work on it. I’d sell her on a shower AND floor refinish with the 400 dip then seal. That way, they both will have a matched finish. Just a thought...


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I just cleaned 1500 ft of Trav today with Saiger Code Red. Came out AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It also cleaned the living hell out of Granite and Marble. I'm telling ya, the stuff is great.
Customers goals: want bath floors not be be blotchy...

1. There no back lighting to show what finish the shower walls are. You can not compare horizontal and vaertical shine levels.
2. Does she use bar soap...if so the shower trav floor has a false shine for the bar soap. While your finger on it to see if it turns white....or black glocve
3. The spot on the bath floor are cementitious filler. Have to determine if the factory filler is flush with surrounding trav. This will determine if filler can be honed with resins for a more even appearance
4. Need to determine what her definition of matte is. 400 dip may work.. however may take away too much color and appear “dusty”

Rob Fairfield

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Yes Carl, a 400 dip will leave it looking "dusty" and with no color. A 800 or even 1500 will still be considered a matte or satin but you color will be much better. 400 (hone) 800 (M1) 1500 (M2)